EchoFX Announces Upgrade to InterView For Mac OS X Software

For Immediate Release
July 8, 2003

Atlanta, GA. Today, EchoFX, a Macintosh software developer, announced the immediate availability of InterView For Mac OS X version 2.2.5

This release corrects a problem introduced in version 2.2.4 that affected users capturing movies in formats other than USBVision. For example, if Component Video was the selected output format, frame rates became artificially high with each frame repeated two or three times. EchoFX urges users never to capture movies to formats other than USBVision, but for those that want to capture movies in other formats, this is an important update.

The upgrade is available free of charge to all EchoFX and XLR8 InterView 2.1 customers via Customers with older XLR8 InterView devices can purchase the software via the EchoFX web site for $25 USD.

The InterView For Mac OS X software supports the InterView USB analog video capture device, and is compatible with Mac OS 10.1.3 through 10.2.6. The OS X software provides enhanced features over previous InterView software, including higher quality video images, higher frame rates, larger frame sizes, better sound synchronization and smaller file sizes for saved movies. In addition to the software, InterView hardware devices are also available for purchase from EchoFX.

About EchoFX
EchoFX, Inc. is a developer of quality drivers and application software for the Macintosh market. Over a decade of experience and attention to detail make EchoFX products robust and easy to use. EchoFX offers expertise with the following technologies: Desktop publishing software, 3D rendering software, Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects plug-ins, plug-in architectures, QuickTime codecs, QuickTime applications, application and system multiprocessing, AltiVec programming, DSP co-processing, USB drivers for Mac OS 9 and X, CPU and cache control software, Kernel level programming for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, PPC and 68K programming, UNIX programming and Windows to Mac porting. For more information contact

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