EchoFX Announces USBVision For Mac OS X 1.1.
Multi-brand USB Video Capture Device Support,
Multiple Device Support,
Improved Application Compatibility.

For Immediate Release
May 11, 2004

Atlanta, GA. Today, EchoFX, a Macintosh software developer, announced the immediate availability of USBVision For Mac OS X 1.1 -software drivers for video digitizing devices including the XLR8 InterView, Belkin VideoBus and others.

Version 1.1 adds auto-file naming, keyboard snapshot access, duration-based recording, and broader AppleScript support to the USBVision Capture software. Aspect ratio management has been added across the board -from snapshots, to recordings to exporting. Software launch times have been significantly improved. The software will now install without a serial number and will operate in "demonstration" mode until it is serialized. Issues with CapSure and VideoBus II devices have also been resolved.

EchoFX is also pleased to announce special pricing on Econ Technologies ImageCaster 2.0 software. A fully-licensed version is available for only $19.95, a 33% savings to those who purchase, or have purchased the USBVision software from EchoFX. Those who received ImageCaster bundled with their hardware are entitled to even greater savings.

General Information
The USBVision software offers Mac OS X support for a wide range of devices including XLR8 InterView, Belkin VideoBus and VideoBus II, iRez USB Live and CapSure, Global Village VideoFX, Alpha Data USB Video Adapter, Hauppauge USB-Live and many others -including those originally sold as "PC-only". Mac OS X support for most of these devices was previously unavailable.

Additionally, the new USBVision software will allow up to eight video capture devices to run simultaneously on one computer. Multiple devices can be used with Ben Bird's SecuritySpy and SubRosaSoft's HomeGuardian security packages allowing the monitoring of many different video sources. Multiple devices can also be used with video broadcast and webcam packages, allowing multiple video sources to be uploaded to the Internet from a single computer.

The USBVision software has been enhanced in a number of ways from the original InterView-only software, including the addition of snapshot button support, audio input support, and increased compatibility with various third-party applications. The USBVision Capture software included, now features hardware accelerated full-screen playback and AppleScript support.

The USBVision software is available at for $25.00 USD. Customers who purchased the InterView For Mac OS X software or InterView Lite hardware from EchoFX may upgrade to the new USBVision software free of charge. In addition to the software, EchoFX sells the original InterView video capture devices for $64.95. EchoFX now accepts Visa and MasterCard in addition to PayPal. For more information about the USBVision software or the InterView video capture device please visit the EchoFX web site at

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